Blizzard Vacation

Mother nature granted me an unexpected January vacation. One of the biggest storms this area has ever seen blew through for nearly 48 hours leaving 30+ inches of snow behind. Needless to say, schools were closed. The actual blizzard left the world outside deserted. The wind whipped leaving whiteout conditions at times. The snow just kept coming.

I spent the days reading, baking, playing with the puppy, and lounging around.

After 2 days of being trapped inside, the sun came out and we were left with mounds and mounds of snow. The community seemed to band together and help with shoveling out cars, clearing sidewalks, and plowing the roadways and parking area. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people out and about in our neighborhood at one time.

Today, I returned to work – convinced that this only happened because we had a teacher’s work day today and a professional development day tomorrow. All the surrounding school districts are closed until Monday. I have to admit it was nice to go in and get things accomplished today – just feel a bit of “normal” after a week of being tucked away inside the house.



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