Teacher Frustration

It is no secret that education is become more and more difficult of a profession to simply survive in. Teachers go into this profession because we love children, love to teach, and have a passion for both in our hearts. We are frequently backed into a wall but what is expected us and what we feel needs to be done. Oftentimes, the reality of it all is that it becomes unfair to both the student and the teacher.

Some kids need more than what can be provided inside of a classroom. Teachers can do everything in their power to provide intervention services, advocate for students, get them identified and so forth and it still isn’t enough. Some students just need more than what a general education classroom can offer.

The problem is, getting them that support. The powers that be don’t want to make those changes or see students be placed in a different “status”. My guess is that the more students in gen ed classrooms and less receiving sped services or being in an enclosed classroom, the better it looks for the school. At some point, the wellbeing of the student has to be taken into consideration and the way a school “looks” put on the back burner.

I’ve learned a lot about the education system in the last few years teaching in public schools. My joy in my job has dwindled greatly since I first began. I find myself looking for an “out” that would still allow for the use of my degree and teacher salary (which is pennies but better than other jobs I worked prior). It breaks my heart because I love the kids and love being a part of their growth in learning but I’m exhausted and can’t keep going at this rate.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about what matters and what doesn’t matter. I’ve seen good teachers leave their schools, districts, and positions – some by choice and others by force.

I’m not sure what happened to the education I once knew – the teaching position I desired and loved. It feels like a distant memory that will never return.



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