Weather… Winter? Spring? Winter?

Need I say more?

I could end my whine here…
but I won’t.

Here it is…winter break. The Christmas holiday has just passed – which I spent with some family members who were wearing shorts, flip flops, and I even saw a few sundresses. Yes, the winter weather has been less like winter and more like spring.

I was slightly annoyed that it didn’t feel like Christmas. I mean, where was my snow? Where was the blustery weather that is supposed to to with the Christmas holiday? Was Santa wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt as he made his scheduled deliveries?

Seriously, it was a little annoying. And to top off the warmer weather was the continuous rain and muddy conditions left behind that came in with the higher temps.

We were out of town – meaning 2 hours away from where we live so there was no major weather difference between cities. We arrived home yesterday to a lovely breeze and high 60/low 70 degree weather. It was bliss (yes, bliss). I found myself enjoying a nice walk with my puppy. I could have stayed outside all afternoon long playing with her…

(So, am I annoyed by the warm weather or not…)

Today, I wake up to cold – yep, cold. Damp and cold weather – gloom and doom cloudy skies. And guess what – I was annoyed.

Where is the warm weather you’ve teased me with Mother Nature? I had to stop and wonder what was wrong with me – I’m annoyed when it is warm on Christmas and annoyed when it actually feels like December weather 3 days later…

I came to the conclusion that my annoyance wasn’t with whether it was warm or cold but the fact that the weather changes so drastically so quickly. We go from cold, full winter gear weather to wearing flip flops on Christmas back to blustery cold conditions in a matter of days…

Can’t we just have a little consistency and a gradual release to the colder temps or vice versa…

Whine over… pass the Moscato.



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