Stoop & Scoop… Please.

We are responsible pet owners… who enjoy taking our Khaleesi girl for long walks through our neighborhood. We also follow the stoop and scoop law and clean up after our girl.

It couldn’t be any easier, the home owners association provides us with “poo stations” for lack of better terms – with poo bags and a trash can.

But it doesn’t stop some of our neighbors from just ignoring their dog’s poo and leaving lying wherever it may drop – including the sidewalk, grass, road, mulch… need I go on?

It is obnoxious and disgusting.

We have to watch where we are walking to avoid stepping in it and… we have to make sure Khaleesi doesn’t come in contact because…

she will eat the poop.

Yep, she eats poop. And we have to dig it out of her mouth – good times.

We’ve seen one particular neighbor walking their dog and not once have we ever seen them actually clean up the dog’s poop. On top of it, they throw their own trash on the ground – plastic cups, paper…whatever.

I guess my point – it would just be nice if people would be considerate… do the right thing… or at the very least – follow the law.

Whine over… pass the real wine.


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